Melissa Murillo/ Meyoko

Glad to announce my collaboration with the Saltbeat !!
Saltbeat is a womenswear label of luxury waterwear fueled by love of kitesurfing.Made in Europe and worn worldwide, the Saltbeat collection is about versatility, functionality and superior quality.SALTBEAT





The compilation,"Berlin WHAT?", shows the work of both established and up-and-coming contemporary artists based in Berlin.

text by Berlinartlink


Glad to announce my collaboration with the Soft Gallery :)

Designer Tina Holt Miller and fashion photographer and stylist Barbara Hvidt are behind Soft Gallery, founded in 2007. Their selection of clothing has been created in collaboration with local and international artists, whose illustrations and artwork specially translated into Soft Gallery's clothes.The collections consist of simple but sophisticated designs with an artistic twist in the form of handmade embroidery and striking illustrations of comfortable jersey.

The co founders of Soft Gallery are designer Tine Holt Moeller and photographer Barbara Hvidt, both of whom are educated in London. Tine Holt Moeller has previously worked for Jeff Griffin, Kenzo Ki, Mambo, H2O, Bruuns Bazaar and Red/Green.Barbara Hvidt has worked as a photographer, concept developer and stylist for a number of top international brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Nokia, Laura Biagiotti, Selfridges, Cover Magazine, Costume and Eurowoman.

Soft Gallery

Honored to take part in this amazing book focused on
"Meticulous art " ,The book is published by dpi , a leading design publication in Taiwan that showcases “imaginative and artistically innovative photography, film and art,”

Skull-A-Day and Street Anatomy have joined forces to bring together the greatest collection of skull art, to celebrate the 3rd Annual Skull Appreciation Day! The resulting exhibition of skull inspired art works co-curated by Noah Scalin and Vanessa Ruiz will be on view at the International Museum of Surgical Science, in Chicago May 31 – August 25, 2013.

FACE OFF: Skull-A-Day VS Street Anatomy

May 31 – August 25, 2013
Opening reception: Friday, May 31 5–9 PM
International Museum of Surgical Science
1524 N. Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL

RSVP via Facebook

Mike Egan
Tom French
Emilio Garcia
Ali Gulec
Joshua Harker
Nicholas Obery
Rx Skulls
Dan Springer
Rob Tarbell

Soon !!! a very lovely collaboration between meyoko and Soft Gallery apparel in creating a line of intricately made shirts from my drawing "Alecto ."


I have recently been approached by Laminate magazine,they asked me if I wanted to be part of the next edition "of the most wanted" artists .This magazine will feature some of my most recent works that include (the furies and memento mori skulls serie ) in a signed limited edition, so if you are interested you can pre order now here :) you can select your Limited edition signed cover from the dropdown menu.

Hollow Thoughts: A Skull Show
This Saturday at NUCLEUS GALLERY is the opening reception for Hollow Thoughts"a skull show " .
    EXHIBITORS: Allen Williams ;Annita Maslov,Bradley Jay,Charlie Immer,Chris B. Murray ,Joshua Harker ,Meyoko ,Noah Scalin ,Patrick Awa, Peter Vattanatham & Fiel Valdez ,Scott Scheidly ,Travis Louie.

June 9, 2012 - July 1, 2012
Opening Reception / Jun 9, 7:00PM - 10:00PM

210 East Main St,
Alhambra CA 91801

Opening Highlights:

Free Admission
Free snacks and refreshments
New skull print releases by Meyoko, Charlie Immer, and Haruka

    The skull is and has always been regarded as an unmistakable preview of the inevitable end. While it remains a universal representation of our anticipated fate, it is a symbol that especially removes us from reality - forcing us to contemplate the fine line between existence and mortality. Experience Hollow Thoughts at Gallery Nucleus, an intimate exhibition of select artists recreating the image of our fleeting existence through stark interpretations of the iconic skull..  
A selection of my new works (the furies) has been featured in JUXTAPOZ magazine online as well as in Beautiful Decay , The English Group a British directory, showcasing graphic design, art, books, magazines, film and music, photography, portraits, fashion, architecture. If you have time, please click on the links below.

My artwork Vespertine has been selected for the cover of the last issue of

is a magazine from Netherlands ,it is published twice a year, Each issue explores a different theme to show inspiring works by established and upcoming creative talents.

    The team of ARDENTEES emailed me days ago and asked me if i wanted to participate along with an epic line-up of talented artists!


Stroke Art Fair
05.05.2011 8 PM
Show Opening / Vernissage
The Flashgib
versteht sich als Plattform für Vertreter aus allen Segmenten der Unterhaltungsindustrie. Im Zentrum der Ausstellung und dem zugehörigen Festival steht die Musik in all ihren Spielarten. Kunst, vor allem Urban und Street Art, Mode und neue Medien bereichern das Portfolio und liefern neue Impulse.

is the worlds first art fair with a main focus on all developements concerning the worldwide movement of the so called Urban Art.The fair was planned as a wandering-concept to justice the demands of this international art movement. The STROKE.ARTFAIR took already place twice in Munich (October '09 and Mai '10) and once in Berlin (October '10).The next issue of the fair - STROKE.04 - will take place once again in Munich (may 26 - 29). Additional shows will be presented throughout Germany next year.

from STROKE on Vimeo.

Excited to announce my collaboration with Berlin based TV station is the first broadcasting channel in Germany which is dedicated only to the issue of art.The program is already broadcast completely in HD-Standard. The content consists of a succession of short films, about 3–10 minutes in length.

Furthermore has a separate channel for collaborative projects with partners such as Art Dubai, the Biennale in Venice or BAUHAUS TV. BAUHAUS TV was created as part of the 10th anniversary festivities honoring the Bauhaus. It represents an internet platform that combines an active area and an archival area. Through this platform artists, designers, architects, media producers, international institutions and members of the public can present their take on the meaning of Bauhaus In 2009 could also be seen on the in-flight entertainment of Air France.
A selection of my works has been selected to participe in one of the more exciting books of the year ,The book entitled Beautiful "Illustrations for fashion and style "is a book published by Gestalten . The book is edited and art directed by Anneke Krull the editor of the amazing blog i love
I've been included in the 73th issue of Lodown Magazine!! the magazine is now available online and from selected shops and galleries.Berlin based Lodown Magazine was founded in 1995.

The 3rd issue of FILE Magazine is now available online and from selected shops and galleries.FILE Magazine is a bi-annual publication featuring a broad selection of visual communication in the fields of graphic design, art, photography, fashion and moving image.

Beautifully presented in a 30 x 39 cm hard cover with a full colour 52 gsm newsprint stitched inside. Each issue is accompanied by a DVD featuring short films,music videos and documentaries.


I can honestly say that i am surprised to have been chosen among the ten winners of this contest hosted by Dazed and Confused To celebrate Reiss’s launch of their new 1971 range, DazedDigital launched a t-shirt design competition that called for interpretations of the brief ‘1971’.they received over 600 entries and over 30,000 votes were placed. From the top ten that garnered the most amount of votes, both Reiss and Dazed had the tough decision of choosing two designs that would subsequently be printed on a women's and menswear tee.
The "Silence" issue of Lamono Magazine is now available online and from selected shops and galleries.

 is the Russian-based creative community and the fashion brand, established in 2006. Originally created as a non-for-profit label, today Chickenshit is available for international wholesale.
    Chickenshit collections are constructed in a process where creative graphics, strong concept and dark mood are the main inspiration.  

I had the honour of being chosen for the recent issue of Beautiful Decay featuring the works of many famous and unknown artists all over the world .Once a year, Beautiful/Decay will turn over its pages to a creative round-up of today's best and brightest talents! Beautiful/Decay's mission statement has always been to give exposure to up-and-coming, unknown artists .The Underdogs" features over 100 submissions from around the world interpreting the book's title. Each piece was created uniquely for this issue of Beautiful/Decay, and has not been displayed anywhere else before its release! Mixing both emerging and established talents to create an inspiring creative source-book, Book 3 is an image-laden delight of pure picture heaven!


Design Walk Festival in Grecia

POLES APART / 13 Graphic Design Studios resolve 13 contradictory elements within the creative process .The walk takes place in the vibrant area of the city next to the Acropolis, leading the visitor between cult shops and hip bars to discover works by award-winning graphic designers , in one of the most inspiring neighbourhoods in Europe , where ancient Greece, West, East ,yesterday and tomorrow meet For the 2010 walk , double decker , the London-based curating agency, is challenging 13 Graphic Design Studios to createa piece of work inspired by thecontradictions / oppositions with which every designer has to deal, and which arise from fundamental questions in design methodology.The resulting exhibition,POLES APART, will give a unique visual insight into the creative process – as well as its curious contradictions.


Participating designers will create a piece of work based on the following dichotomies: 1. Void vs. fullness 2. Noise vs. silence 3. Beauty vs. Ugliness 4. Interesting vs. boring 5. Thin vs. bold 6. Word vs. image 7. Symbolic vs. literal 8. Landscape vs. portrait 9. Positive vs. negative 10. Anarchy vs. order 11. Digital vs. analogue 12. Foreground vs. background 13. Original vs. copy .Instead of settling for just one side of the dichotomy, the designers will incorporate both into their work and use them as creative fuel, with no restrictions on medium or scale.

5, 6 & 7 February 2010
Friday 18:00–22:00 - Saturday & Sunday 12:00–19:00

more info :

    The 66th issue of FreeMagazine Greece is now available in selected shops and galleries.  

Collaboration with
GLOSSYTV, March 2009 Norway |
Lindstrom & PrinsThomas II | Graphic design for the new Lindstrom & Prins Thomas album on Eskimo Recordings by GLOSSY TV.

Interview for
fascination a Parisian videozine in collaboration with Hylas film and Lea Becker

Interview with Kurv magazine from Australia, Kurv. is an internationally acclaimed high-quality gloss, men’s and women’s fashion, arts, beauty and culture magazine.

The COW Festival is a global forum that showcases world-class design. Held in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, it attracts designers, students and the public from Europe, Asia, Australia and America. Illustration. Book Design. Graphic Design. Product Design. Interior Design. Fashion Design.

Lys Lydia Selimalhigazi, France/Lucy Elkivity, Israel/Helen Entwisle/Memo, United Kingdom//Pribytkova Natalia, Ukraine,Olivera Betajic, Maja Veselinovic, Serbia/Albin Christen, Switzerland/Cordier-Bernard Csil, France/Emerson Martinez, Colombia/Mystery Vural,Turkey/Melissa Murillo,meyoko,Germany/Kristina Sebaite, Spain...
People magazine ,february 2009 (Suede)

Yen Magazine emailed me to tell me I made it into Curvy this year. (totally surprised) because it was the first time i sent my works to this great event .If you're not familiar with Curvy, it's a showcase of some of the best female artists from around the world.


To date over 650 female artists have been showcased through the CURVY books. The latest group of artists in the series has been handpicked out of nearly 2,000 submissions and follows on in the footsteps of previous featured artists such as French street-art heroine Fafi and the ethereal Audrey Kawasaki among many others.


CURVY no.6 book and exhibition series presents a selection of the most exciting female graphic artists and illustrators in the world today . Each year, over 120 next-generation, established and underground female artists are featured in the book from design capitals including Paris, London, LA, New York, Berlin, Rome, Tokyo and Sydney – and from countries as far afield as Ecuador, Mexico, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Brazil, Indonesia, Norway, Malta and Israel. 


First launched in Sydney Australia in 2004, CURVY continues to be a best-selling publication and cult hit around the globe. The latest edition, the sixth in the annual series, builds on the exciting momentum of previous years and introduces the next wave of female talent set to break boundaries. To date over 650 female artists have been showcased through CURVY. The latest group of artists in the series has been handpicked out of submissions from over 40 countries and follows on in the footsteps of previous featured artists such as French street-art heroine Fafi and the ethereal Audrey Kawasaki among many others.

In the context of
ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS roughly 600 drawings by 600 international artists will be presented in changing exhibition spaces. The works will be displayed anonymously. Each exhibition is preceded by an international call for submissions, that is open to everyone. Age, biography or gender will not be requested to be disclosed and do not play any role in the selection. The selection for the exhibition will be made anonymously, too.
Anonymous Drawings
was founded 2006 by the artist Anke Becker in Berlin, Germany. Since then, more than 5000 artists from all over the world have taken part in the project. More than 10 shows of Anonymous Drawings took place in Berlin and abroad up until today.